Creator of the game: ADAM STRZELECKI  | Illustrations: MICHAŁ AMBRZYKOWSKI

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A Steam® account and Tabletop Simulator are required to run the game.

It is said that in the dark dungeons of the Lonely Mountain dwells a terrifying, undead creature – the Lord of Bones. He commands a legion of skeletons animated by black magic. Legends speak of countless treasures in huge chests, which the Lord jealously guards. Will you confront him and his skeletons? Will you try for his treasures?

Hurry, because gold attracts greedy adventurers, and songs of glory will praise only the victor!

Lord of Bones is a dungeon crawler game set in a fantasy world.  Play as one of the heroic characters traversing the underground corridors of the Lonely Mountain. Use your dice rolls and the acquired equipment to fight against skeletons, the grim minions of the Lord of Bones. Forge the trophies found in the dungeons into magical weapons to make your characters stronger. Explore the complex passageways, use the magic mirrors and mysterious portals scattered throughout the entire dungeon. Avoid the traps laid everywhere and do not let other heroes get ahead.
Your task is to defeat the dark Lord of Bones. To this end, you will explore the gloomy dungeons, fight the undead minions and acquire the equipment useful in your journey. In the final battle, you will face the titular Lord of Bones himself to try to end his reign and take his treasures. Whoever finishes the game with the most treasures of the undead ruler will become the hero of legends and the songs of local bards. They are going to win the game too, but it is all about fame and gold, right?
Each player will take control of one hero during the game

30 item cards

These show the items you may craft during the adventure

16 health tokens

These show the character’s health level

74 encounter cards

These contain the skeletons guarding the dungeon, as well as the items you may find during your journey

4 hero pawns

These represent the game characters

24 curse tokens

These make the final battle harder in exchange for additional points

4 hero cards

These represent the characters participating in the adventure

6 dice

These are used when fighting the encountered enemies

4 reference cards

These contain basic information on the round sequence and on the discovered locations

16 encounter tokens

There are used to mark the locations within the dungeons where an encounter card must be drawn

4 Lord of Bones cards

These represent the main enemy the characters will face in the final battle

12 dice tokens

These represent the additional dice which may help during combat

48 dungeon tiles

These are used to build the corridors navigated by the characters

While exploring the dungeons of the Lonely Mountain, you will control one of the 8 characters each. During a series of consecutive turns, you will decide what your heroine or hero will do. To get closer to the final battle with the dark Lord of Bones, you can perform the following actions on your turn:


Move your pawn to an adjacent space if both spaces are connected by a corridor and the road is not blocked by an encounter token. However, the dungeons of the Lonely Mountain are full of surprises and along the way you will find many places that may help you on your journey. If the new space has a picture of a location, you may resolve it.


You will realise very quickly that the few corridors you see at first are just the beginning of your journey through the dungeons of the Lonely Mountain. As part of your actions, you may look around the area to find new passages. If there are any open corridors in your space, you may add more tiles to them to create a path further.  If adding new tiles reveals an encounter symbol, place the token on it. This is where you may later find useful equipment or more undead guardians of the Lord of Bones.


The dungeons of the Lonely Mountain are full of skeletons that protect the realm of the Lord of Bones. You will have to face them many times. If the space on which you are standing is adjacent to an encounter token, you may resolve it as part of your action. Draw one of the facedown encounter cards. If there is a picture of an item on the card, you may take it. If, on the other hand, there is a picture of a skeleton on the card, you will have to fight it.


Even the greatest of heroes need to rest sometime. By using all of your actions, you may return to any of the campfires scattered around the dungeons and regenerate your health. After resting for a while, you may continue the search for the Lord of Bones.