Game authors: Adam Strzelecki, Paweł Suski, Wojciech Wiśniewski  |  Illustrations: Kamila Mrożek-Zielińska

Become an explorer and wander through the dragon lands in order to find unknown types of dragons. Your task will be to write them down in the magical Dragon Book, so that other players can use the knowledge you gathered throughout your voyage.

The Dragon Book is a game in which your task will be to gather the cards with various types of dragons by bidding on the expedition dice. There are 6 different types of dragons. Their abilities differ depending on the type of terrain they are found on. Use their powers and beat your opponents’ dice results to gain the most points.

36 dragon cards

They represent different types of dragons and lands where you can encounter them.

15 expedition dice

You will gather new dragons by using them.

6 objective cards

Individual players’ objectives showing the type of dragon that will guarantee extra points when acquired.

Game board

It organises the game components and refers to the dragons’ special abilities.

5 immunity tokens

They allude to the colour of expedition dice and they block access to the dragon of your choice for other players.

Players may use two actions during their turn.

1. Placement of the expedition dice

Put any number of your dice on the dragon cards placed on the game board. Keep in mind that the number of dots on your dice has to be equal to or higher than the dots on the game board above the card.

If you want to put your dice on an already occupied dragon card, the number of dots on your dice has to be higher than on the already placed dice by at least 1. The opponent gets their dice back and each of their picked up dice increase its value by 1.

2. Claiming the dragon card to your book

If at the beginning of your turn your dice are placed on any dragon card, you can take one of these cards from the game board and add it to your Dragon Book. The value of those dice decreases by 1.