Players: 1-5  |  Age: 6+  |  Time: 20 min.

Enter mysterious dungeons full of treasures and dark monsters. Explore corridors, trying to collect as many valuable items as possible. Avoid ghosts, spiders and trolls, gain the most points, and win!


5 player boards

100 dungeon tiles
(20 for each player)

60 yellow point markers

15 red point markers

Sequence of play

The youngest player draws the top tile from their stack and shows it to the other players, who each take the same tile from their own sets. Each player puts their copy of the tile, rotated as desired, onto any empty space of their own board.Then the youngest player draws the next tile from their stack, again showing it. The game continues in this way until each player has placed 16 tiles on their own board.

Counting points

After the boards are covered with 16 tiles, players fully explore all the corridors they have built, going everywhere they can reach. Players mark every treasure they find in the dungeons with a yellow point marker, and they mark every dark monster they meet with a red point marker.

Every treasure marked with a yellow marker is worth 1 point, and every dark monster marked with a red marker is worth -2 points. The player with the most points wins.