Players: 2-4 | Age: 8+ | Time: 45 min.

In Stamp Collection you will play the role of philatelists whose goal is to gather a collection of unique postage stamps from around the world! Each element of the collection must be placed in the stamp album in a thoughtful way to score as many points as possible.


Each player has their own album, in which they will create a unique stamp collection.

On a player’s turn, they do 1 of these 2 actions: take 1 gold coin from the stamp fair board or buy 1 tile and put it in their album.

In the game, you can get bonus points for a certain arrangement of tiles and for boxes of chocolates received from other collectors.


4 player boards (stamp albums)

1 stamp fair board

88 tiles

11 bonus tiles

24 boxes of chocolates

6 connoisseur figures with bases

4 loan tokens

44 coins