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Our games available at Essen:

About Trefl Group

Trefl is the biggest company that manufactures games and jigsaw puzzles in the CEE region and one of the three biggest toy manufacturers in the entire Europe. Ever since our company was established in 1985, we have been continuously building our position and expanding our range of goods and production capacity.

We sell our products to more than 50 countries around the world. Apart from Poland, we sell games and jigsaw puzzles with the Trefl symbol mainly in markets such as: Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Ukraine, USA and Canada. As a factory, we manufacture over 30 million jigsaw puzzles and games annually.

In 2023, we produced a variety of new board games. Some of them will have their international premiere at the Spiel 2023 trade fair in Essen.

Until recently, Trefl’s offer included games developed mainly for younger children. For many years now, titles such as Boom Boom or Mistakos have been worldwide bestsellers.

This year, we have also prepared exciting options for older fans of games, which will be available at the game fair in Essen. We have developed 7 new titles from which the following are very promising: Five Peaks, At The Office and Spy Guy Deutschland. Every board game fan will love these!

Visit us at our booth: 5H 102, hall 5. At the booth, you will find special gadgets and meet the creator of our games – Adam Strzelecki. Moreover, we have special, promotional cards for the Five Peaks game, which will be available for use during gameplay at Essen. Come say hi!

Trefl jigsaw puzzles are created with people of various ages in mind. Among our new products for 2023 are the Prime Unlimited Fit Technology jigsaw puzzles and the Wood Craft wooden jigsaw puzzle series.

In children’s categories, you will find jigsaw puzzles suitable for kids as young as 1 year old. Jigsaw puzzles for children are based on popular licences, such as: The Treflik Family, Babies and the Bear, Frozen, PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig, Kitty Kotty and many more.

Trefl jigsaw puzzles also include high-piece-count designs for teenagers and adults. The number of puzzle pieces in this category starts at 500 and ends at an impressive 13500 pcs.

Our jigsaw puzzles for grown-ups include hundreds of designs with various motifs. Everybody will find something for themselves.


Five Peaks

Five Peaks is a game about mountain hiking. During the game, you play cards to do various actions. You will develop your decks to become more efficient at moving and gathering resources. Discovering new places, building towers of stones on mountain peaks, and viewing panoramas are just a few ways to earn victory points and leave your opponents behind. Who will be able to visit all Five Peaks and collect the most points?

Spy Guy Deutschland

A series of thefts in broad daylight are taking place across the country! It is rumored that the devious Dr. Moritz is behind everything, but so far he has not been caught. All eyes are on Spy Guy – a super-detective, keeping an eye on law and order in Treflikov. Will Spy Guy catch Doctor Moritz before he escapes the city? Spy Guy is a cooperative game that relies on a sharp eye and close cooperation between players. Look for clues on the

Treflikow’s huge game board. The more of them you find, the faster you’ll catch up with Dr. Moritz.

At The Office

The life of an office worker is no piece of cake! Every day is full of projects, long meetings, impossible KPI targets, looming deadlines, and besides all that, you also need to find time for coffee and a bit of the latest gossip about business and about the private lives of coworkers. Managing all this is a difficult task!

In the game At the Office, you must optimally organize the work of an entire team, guided by rationality and intuition, and hoping for a bit of luck. You need to consider the big picture and manage your team to score as many points as possible and win the title of Boss of the Year. Grab some pencils and dice and get to work!

Dr. Frankenstein

In Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, work continues! The mad scientist and his assistants are preparing to create another monster. To accomplish this sinister goal, all the necessary ingredients must be gathered. But Dr. Frankenstein’s pantry is stacked to the ceiling with incredibly many jars of ingredients! And of course, annoyingly, the ingredients you need are at the very bottom of the stacks! So before you can complete any recipes, you’ll need to rearrange the inventory a bit. Your plans are ambitious, so everyone is trying to collect the ingredients they need as quickly as possible, to stay ahead of the other players. The first one to dig up all the necessary ingredients for the mad experiment wins!

Flower Show

Flowers, ribbons, vases… The work of a florist might look like a peaceful harmonious dream job in a beautiful environment. But everything changes when the annual Flower Show looms. It’s a cut-throat contest of floral skills, competing for prestige, honor, and a cover photo on “Flower Power” magazine.

This is your moment of truth! You can compete alone or in pairs to take on the challenge of making the most impressive bouquets. Decide the leitmotif of your composition, and then pluck the finest flowers from under your opponents’ noses, so you won’t be left behind on this petal-strewn road. Grab your watering cans and get to work!

The Sea Merchants

Ah! Long live the 16th century! What a wonderful time to be a merchant in
a bustling port city! Lead one of the four merchant families, feel the wind in your sails, and set your course for victory. Observe your competitors’ operations and anticipate the demand for particular products. Load your ships with the most desired goods and earn profits when the demand is highest.

Wood, spices, or maybe porcelain? What will earn the most in foreign lands? What will bring you the best price, and other players’ actions cause you to lose? Speculate in products and develop your fleet to become as rich as possible and sail ahead of the competition.

Llamas & Alpacas

Welcome to the world of breeding even-toed ungulates! And not just any even-toed ungulates, but very friendly alpacas and their slightly less friendly llama cousins! (Seriously, we don’t recommend getting bitten by a llama!) You have your own pasture, and you need to place your herds on it to score as many points as possible. Animals are happiest with similar animals, so pay attention to common traits in your herds that will help you overtake the other players in a fun gallop to victory.

Stamp Collection

In Stamp Collection, players take on the roles of philatelists collecting rare postage stamps from around the world! The best opportunity for this is a stamp fair, where you can find valuable wonders to enhance your collections. You will also meet connoisseurs who will be delighted to admire and praise your collection. Do whatever it takes to make your album the best!

Other games:


An iconic family game where you take on the role of planters to build, negotiate and make money!


A family game for 2-4 players in which you will take on the role of developers to compete in a duel for the most prestigious street in the city!


A dynamic social game where you don't have to be able to draw to become an artist!

Spy Guy

A cooperative detective game with simple rules, set in the world of the Treflik Family

Our games are available at all well-known toy and online retailers

We sell our games in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Seria Magajaja

A series of family games in a fairy tale atmosphere. Glowing electronic eggs and magnetic tokens will put you in a magical mood!


A social game where reflexes and unconventional thinking count. Hilarious entertainment for the whole family!

Black Friday

A game in which you will take part in a crazy sale! Withdraw money from the ATM and buy products from your shopping list!

Simply S

A party game where you have to tell other players a secret password. The challenge is that you can only use words starting with the letter "S" for the hint!

Download instructions to games

Are you interested in our games ? Download the instructions to the games and find out the details of the gameplay !

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