Spy Guy Multiversum

Welcome to Treflik City!

Treflik City is a charming town inhabited by Treflik Family. Although it is a small and friendly town, sometimes even here the residents need the support of a detective. With help comes Spy Guy – a super-detective, who is able to unravel any mystery and catch any criminal in town. However, he will not succeed without your help….



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Spy Guy Hidden Objects

Spy Guy Hidden Objects is an addictive game of finding hidden objects!
Various things have been scattered all over Treflik – will you be able to find them all? Exercise your eyesight and find the hidden objects or ask Uncle for help. Follow the clues to uncover the secrets of the town while exploring the hand-drawn maps.
Develop your perceptiveness and detective skills as you beat 120 colorful and secret-filled levels. Exercise concentration and focus as you view colorful images from the world of the Treflik family.
The Spy Guy Hidden Objects mobile game will delight all fans of the traditional Spy Guy board game.
Searching for hidden objects is great fun for young and old! Ready to play the game? Play the role of a detective and find all the hidden objects in Treflikowa! Enter a world full of puzzles in Spy Guy Hidden Objects!

Spy Guy Sopot

Spy Guy Sopot is the first mobile game about Sopot, and a detective game at that! This time, on the board of the 20th century Sopot you will try to find as many objects as possible, which are related to the history of the seaside city of Sopot! Let the time machine take you to these historical places. Search for all the hidden objects on 80 difficulty levels.
What will you find in the game?
  • Hidden objects
  • Historical curiosities
  • Mysteries
  • Challenges

Spy Guy Winter Adventure

In the Treflik family, everyone is already preparing for Christmas. Meanwhile, someone has hidden many items again, without which the Trefliks won’t be able to get ready in time. Are you able to find them all?
Have even more fun and enjoyment with the new limited edition and Christmas map of the best-selling Spy Guy board game and Spy Guy Hidden Objects mobile game.
If you love Hidden Objects games – this one is just for you!

Spy Guy Deutschland

This time, you will try to find as many objects as possible on the board that are related to the history and pop culture of Germany. Move to historical places, familiar characters and buildings and combine it with searching for hidden objects on as many as 80 difficulty levels.
Spy Guy Deutschland is a unique edition of a cooperative family game based on a board game. On the long board you will find many characteristic places and people from German history and pop culture. Hidden among them are many hidden objects that you must find to help Spy Guy.
What will you find in the game?
  • 80 levels
  • Challenge Mode
  • Interesting facts about historical figures
  • Built-in timer
  • 16 languages
  • More than 200 hidden objects

Spy Guy USA

Spy Guy is headed to the USA! Following the clues of American gangsters, he will look for a way to solve new puzzles and find brand new items! Will his American dream come true? Will he be able to cope with the new challenges! Check it out for yourself!

Are you a pizza lover? Do you always impatiently wait for the delivery, even though you ordered it literally moments ago? Play the role of a pizza delivery man and have an impact on your order!
The Cheese Chase is a strategic 3D arcade game that involves planning pizza delivery routes in the rapidly growing city of Treflik.
Deliver pizzas, collect tips, avoid traffic jams and run away from a hungry cat to keep your order from being taken away. Make your pizza arrive on time and get the Deliverer of the Month badge in the Cheese Chase game!
Game Features:
  • 3 game modes
  • 16 language versions 
  • 60 maps and difficulty levels
  • Daily tasks
  • Character personalization
  • Challenges
  • Updates


Babies and the Bear Mini Games

Babies and the Bear Mini Games is a great idea for your child’s first game with their favorite characters from the “Babies and the Bear” series from Kaz Studio.
The set includes four small games: Puzzle, Circle and Cross, Memory and Connecting the dots on the drawings, which will allow your child to combine fun with education. Train memory, concentration, connect pictures and have fun.

Treflik Family Mini Games

Try brand new games with the Treflik Family. The set includes four small games: Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe, Memory and Dots to spend time with the Treflik Family and play with them in a virtual world.
Train your memory, concentration, connect pictures and have fun with the characters of the series “Treflik Family” from Kaz Studio.

Trefl eGames

Trefl eGames is a newly created department within the Trefl Group structures, responsible for creating virtual products: mobile games, applications, advertising solutions, computer and console games.
The Trefl eGames team is made up of Gamedev specialists who have gained many years of experience in the production, design, development, programming and publishing of mobile games.
Trefl eGames offers a wide range of services related to the development of games dedicated to its customers, product certification and marketing.
We are a publisher of

B2B offer

Did you know that more than 300 million people play virtual games every day, and there are already more than 3 billion players worldwide? The average time they spend playing is 3 hours and 15 minutes a day! At the same time, they watch ads, make micropayments and engage their time with a virtual product. Among them are the audience of your future game or your brand’s advertising.
Increase the appeal of your product with our virtual support!
  • Reach new markets and new age groups.
  • Make yourself known to the whole world.
  • Keep up with the trends of digitization.

By working with us, we will help you:

  • transform your game idea into a virtual version
  • present your brand in our games as an advertisement or event
  • combine physical and virtual product to reach new audiences
  • achieve low investment cost – we do everything ourselves
  • provide localization service to make your game known all over the world
  • handle the publishing formalities in cooperation with Nintendo, Steam, Google Play or App Store
  • transfer your product to mobile devices, PC or Nintendo Switch
  • in full service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We offer many opportunities for cooperation:

  • advertising in our game or app
  • a dedicated temporary event
  • dedicated game
  • dedicated map

Tailored to your needs!

  • The service is fully customized to your budget
  • Ability to reach 176 countries around the world simultaneously!
  • We will advise what form of cooperation

Marta Frankel-Dominik

Head of Virtual Games Department

mail: m.frankel-dominik@trefl.com

phone: + 48 533 998 908