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Trefl SA owns two sports companies that support the teams of Trefl Sopot and Trefl Gdańsk, participating in league competitions at the highest national level. Established in 2010, the Trefl Pomerania Association brings together fans of teams and representatives of Pomeranian business.

Trefl Gdańsk SA

Trefl Gdańsk SA was established in 2005 and since then it has been running a professional team of senior volleyball players, and youth training at the Gdańsk School of Sports Championship. Since the 2011/2012 season, the Trefl Gdańsk team has played in PlusLiga.

Trefl Sopot SA

In 1995 Kazimierz Wierzbicki realised his dream and founded a basketball club, which soon became a symbol of Sopot and became a permanent feature on the sports map of Poland. For many years, thanks to the support of the city and sponsors, the Trefl team, and later Prokom Trefl, has achieved many successes on the national and international arena.

Trefl Pomorze Association

The Trefl Pomorze Association was established in 2009. It is a voluntary, self-governing association of natural persons, legal persons and organisations without legal personality created to integrate fans and supporters of sports teams.

Toy safety

Children’s safety is of the utmost importance to us

Trefl toys are sure to provide hours of interesting, creative and entirely safe playtime. All Trefl products are made of quality materials and meet high standards. Each toy is marked with information about the minimum age of the child the toy is intended for. While choosing a toy, you should take into consideration the child’s typical behaviour and interests.

Care about environment

We produce wisely and with the environment in mind

Being the Polish leader in the market of jigsaw puzzles, board games and playing cards, Trefl has made every effort to make sure that the toys which bear Trefl trademark are manufactured ethically and responsibly. Trefl does not use any child or forced labour and does not discriminate against any person. The production process has been based on detailed and complex standards valid in the toy-making industry. All materials, raw materials and products comply with the toy safety standard EN 71. In the production cycle – from design to production and distribution – Trefl strives to minimise CO₂ emission and diminish the adverse impact of pollutants on the environment. If possible, the materials are recycled. Thanks to the EU funds, Trefl modernised its machines and equipment, and consequently decreased the use of hazardous substances which affect the environment.

Relationships with suppliers

Good business relations are the basis for successful cooperation

Trefl Group buys and sells products in a responsible manner. We make sure that our customers can be confident that the products we offer are created with materials purchased from suppliers who respect the required standards, and that they are manufactured under appropriate conditions, with fair treatment of employees. We operate in accordance with the standards set out in the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. In order to unify the ethical requirements applied throughout the supply chain, we expect our suppliers to act in accordance with the law, the Labour Code, policies, and codes of conduct. We are aware that the key to providing customers with the best deal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers who adhere to the same values as we do, and who maintain the same high standards.

We are happy to help you

We engage in many social activities and much more. We do our best to ensure that Trefl products bring happiness to many, including those in need of help and aid.

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Certificates and awards for TREFL SA

2021 - 5th edition of Influencer's TOP 2020 Poll - "Children / Teenagers" category, prizes for VTech toys - Crawl Along Bear, a set of ball-and-clocks - 30 elements as well as Ego and Ego Emotions games.
2021 - Toy of the Year 2021 - Edition XIV, award for the game Pick up! The Treflik Family.
2020 - Fourth edition of the Influencer's TOP 2020 poll - Children / Teenagers category, awards for the games Hot Pot and Caution, spoiler!
2020 - Toy of the Year 2020 - Edition XIII, 2020 Children's Award for the Hot Pot game.
2019 - Toy of the Year 2019 - Edition XII, award for the toy Ball and Block Set - 24 elements and the game Mistakos Level Up.
2019 - Toy of the Year 2019 - Edition XI, award for the game Juicy Lemons,
2018 - Toy of the Year 2018 - Edition X, Children's Award 2018 for the game Juicy Lemons.
2018 - Toy of the Year 2018 - Edition IX, Children's Award 2018 for the Brick Trick Castle toy.
2017 - Toy of the Year 2017 - Edition VIII, Honorable Mention for the game Who's the Dude?
2017 - Toy of the Year 2017 - Edition VII, Honorable Mention for the toys Motivation Board - Wooden Toys Series and Lipstick and Lipgloss Manufactory.
2016 - Title Ambassador of Polish Economy 2016 in the category "Exporter" awarded by Business Center Club under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Economy.
2016 - Tesco Value Award - supplier award for exceptional creativity and talent in the implementation of joint projects
2016 - European Medal for the Little Explorer series of educational games - awarded by the Business Center Club with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Honorary Patronage of the Brussels-based European Economic and Social Committee.
2016 - Diamond to the Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader - an award granted by the Business Center Club.
2015 - The title of Well Seen Company awarded by the Business Center Club under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Economy to companies conducting socially responsible business.
2015 - Pomeranian Eagle 2015 title awarded by the editors of the Pomeranian Magazine to companies and people who have made a contribution to the development and promotion of Pomerania.
2015 - Title Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2015 in the category European Brand awarded by Business Center Club under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Economy.
2015 - Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader - an award granted by the Business Center Club.
2014 - Business Gazelle title awarded by the Puls Biznesu daily newspaper to the most dynamically developing companies.
2013 - Patron of Sport in Sopot 2013 title awarded by Mayor of Sopot Jacek Karnowski.
2013 - Nomination for the Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader, awarded by the Business Center Club.
2013 - Gazelle of Business title awarded by the daily newspaper Puls Biznesu to the most dynamically developing companies.
2013 - Ambassador of Polish Economy 2013 title in the Exporter category awarded by Business Center Club under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
2013 - FSC® chain of custody certificate.
2013 - Certificate of Reliability of the National Debt Register Reliable Company
2013 - Distinction in the competition for the Pomeranian Award Economic Griffin 2013 in the category Large Company
2011 - Nature Friendly Company Certificate awarded by Auraeko Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organization SA
2011 - Main award in the Large Enterprise category in the Pomeranian Griffin Economic Award Competition 2011. Awarded by the Pomeranian Enterprise Council
2011 - Main award Media Griffin 2011, awarded by the media and institutions patronising the competition Economic Griffin 2011
2008 and 2009 - Patron of Gdansk Sport
2008 - Golden Consumer Laurel in the national contest Golden Consumer Laurel 2008, organized by Przegląd Gospodarczy, a supplement to Gazeta Prawna. Trefl SA products took first place in Puzzle category
2008 - Transparent Company Certificate awarded by Dun and Bradstreet Poland. The certificate is an expression of the company's credibility and financial honesty
2005 - ISO 9001:2008 certificate
2003 - Patron of Sport in Sopot
1994 - 1997 - Best Polish Licensee - title awarded by The Walt Disney Company (Polska) Sp. z o.o.

Certificates and awards

For many years we have been awarded and distinguished in business and industry competitions.

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