Complaints - distributor


In order to report a complaint about our products, please send a scan of the protocol made with the customer to

The complaint should include:

  • name and address of the shop,
  • date of complaint,
  • date of purchase of the product by the customer,
  • product code or EAN number,
  • product name,
  • number of products complained about,
  • detailed description of the defect, if possible,
  • photo or other proof of the defect,
  • signature of an authorized employee of the shop, service

The Head of the Department of the Department of Health and Consumer Protection. The Complaint Panel will inform about the decision within 14 days from the date of the complaint. We will inform about the result of the considered complaint via e-mail.

Before making a complaint, make sure that the non-compliance is due to battery exhaustion or misuse of the product by the customer.

The complaint form cannot contain visible personal data of the shop's customer. Trefl SA has no legal basis for processing such data and acting in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, it immediately removes the notifications with the incorrectly prepared form.


Do you have any questions regards about your complaint or need help?

Just check the following FAQ section or contact our customer service department.



1. Can I buy the missing pieces for the puzzle?

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we are not able to send individual pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Our processes are constantly changing to ensure the best possible quality for you, so components from different production batches may not fit into your puzzle. If one or more elements are missing in the puzzles you bought, please refer to the information contained in the Individual Customer - Puzzles tab..

2. The pre-packed game is missing. Can I get it from you?

We try to meet your expectations and in case of a problem with the game we release. If there is a component in stock that is not in your kit, we will send it to you. Follow the steps described under Individual Client - Games and creative sets.

3. I've lost my game manual. Can I get it as a PDF?

Send your inquiry by e-mail to Instructions for our games are also available on selected product pages at

4. My V-Tech toy doesn't work or jams.

V-Tech toys are factory-fitted with short-life test batteries for demonstration purposes only. There is a high probability that the batteries will run out soon after purchase, a typical symptom of which is interruption of the toy's operation or total inability to start it. In this case, check the operation of the toy using the newly purchased battery pack for the model in question. If the toy continues to malfunction, complain about the product at the store where you bought it. There is also a possibility to realize a complaint directly through us. The description of the procedure is contained in the tab Individual Customer - Toys.

5. My puzzles are incorrectly cut and the pieces do not fit together.

In the production process, the puzzles are cut out at the same time by means of specially designed knives, which ensure that the elements fit together tightly, so that it is impossible to connect the elements from one puzzle to another. You've probably put a few elements with similar colors in the wrong place, so other elements don't fit together. If your jigsaw puzzle has the correct number of pieces, check your jigsaw carefully and try to put it together again. If you still fail and have any doubts, send a photo of your puzzle to A member of the Quality Control and Complaints Department will try to solve your problem.

6. Is it possible to get a lost item from a toy?

Unfortunately, we do not have any spare parts for imported toys, e. g. from the V-Tech series, Science4you, Hape. We recommend that you contact the toy manufacturer directly in order to check the possibility of obtaining them.

7. How long does it take to process a complaint?

Up to 28 calendar days from the moment the complaint is accepted.

8. I do not have a receipt for the purchased product. Can I make a complaint through you?

When making a complaint through us we do not require a receipt. Follow the instructions in the appropriate tab for your product category. A receipt, invoice or other proof of purchase is required if a claim is made under warranty at the seller.

9. Is it possible to send back the elements I have sent as part of a puzzle complaint?

No. The sent items (puzzle and barcode), which constitute proof of purchase, are disposed of after verification.

10. Do I have to pay the cost of shipping as part of the complaint processing?

No. In case the complaint is accepted, the new product or additional elements will be sent at the expense of Trefl SA. A letter with a report on the jigsaw puzzle is sent at the Client's expense.

11. The Roar game application! Catch the monster does not work or works incorrectly.

The application works on both IOS and Android. In the case of Android, it is required to manually grant all permissions in the Settings section of the application. After this action the application should work correctly.